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Best Adult Treats in the Chicagoland area

KP Buzzed Life is a handmade dessert & beverage brand here to fulfill all your adult treat needs. We are located in the Chicagoland area., so if you’re around, call & place an order.. We offer a full range of flavourful treats and delights. If you have questions or questions, please dial +1708-986-1346.

The Liquor We Stock

We provide a wide range of liquor brands that are all made with quality ingredients. Our available brands of liquors are comprised of local and international favorites. We make sure that all our products are bought from the best manufacturers around so that we can make sure that our customers receive only the best. As a matter of fact, we have consistently received good reviews from satisfied customers due to the fact that we only offer the best for YOU!!!

Excellent Desserts

Add this to a staff that will always receive you with a smile and you have a great product. According to our customers, they recommend our tasty treats and drinks for any event. If you’re stuck, our staff can recommend a choice based on your preferences, and you might even get to sample the dessert of the week.

What We Offer



Cereal Bars




Mini Cheesecake




Chocolate Covered Strawberry


3 strawberries infused with 🍃 Chocolate & liquor

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